I seek refuge in GOD from the rejected Satan

In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In conjunction with this writing, in January 1998 two things happened. 1) In accordance with God’s will on 17/1/1998 Arti Haber (at the time a well read weekly magazine in Turkey) published an article about Bahattin Uzunkaya and the message he was delivering to the Turkish people. And (2) in accordance with God’s will on January 28, 1998, I, Keikhosrow Emami, sent information about the Quran, unveiling the identity of the 666. This information was sent to the government officials and the media in the United States. Both of these events took place in the month of Ramadan. These actions were taken independent of each other and neither of the two individuals involved knew about the actions taken by the other. Now, exactly 19 months after the magazine came out, a devastating earthquake struck Turkey. The quake was 7.4 on the Richter scale (1974 was the year that the 19-based mathematical miracle of the Quran was revealed through God's Messenger of the Covenant in the United States of America). The earthquake struck Turkey on August 17th.  From August 17th to the end of the year, there are 136 days. 136 is 8 x17. Glory is to God; 8:17 in the Quran points at the fact that God is doing everything. 


THE QUAKE OCCURRED IN TURKEY ON 8/17/1999. 19 is God’s mathematical signature, it is the Proof of the Divine Authorship of the Quran. It is God design that the title of Sura 99 is “The Quake.” Thus, 1999 was The Year ofThe QUAKE!” It is God’s design that there should only be 19 suras in the Quran with verse 99. Thus, 1999 was The Year ofThe QUAKE!” It is God’s design that the sum of the 19 sura numbers in which verse 99 occurs is 262.

99 + 262 = 361
x 19
There is no other god beside GOD!

1999 was The Year of The Quake.
The Quake occurred in Turkey in

On August 17th.

This was God’s doing!
This was an awesome sign from GOD!


 He (GOD) is the Knower of the future;
He does not reveal the future to anyone.”

 Only to a messenger that He chooses,
Does He reveal from the past and the future,
Specific news.


In accordance with God’s will, Rashad Khalifa (505,725), God's Messenger of the Covenant, revealed the End of the world, a future event that is pointed at in 72:27. By placing the above numbers side by side we obtain a multiple of nineteen.

 505,725,72,27 = 19 x 266171433
There is no other god beside GOD!

 By adding the Sura and the verse number we obtain:

72 + 27 = 99
The title of Sura 99 in the Quran is The Quake.

This Quran, the 666, in 72:27 is pointing at specific news in the future. The specific news is also about God’s retribution reported by God’s messengers Bahattin Uzunkaya (468,102) and Keikhosrow Emami (896,92).

 666 + 7227 + 468102 + 89692 = 565687
19 x 19 x 1567
There is no other god beside GOD!

In accordance with God's will both Bahattin Uzunkaya and Keikhosrow Emami declared their Messengership in 1999, The Year of the Quake.

The Quake that devastated Turkey on August 17th, 1999 was a retribution from God. It was also one of the proofs that Bahattin Uzunkaya is one of God's messengers. The Quake that shall occur in San Francisco is also one of God’s Portents, it shall prove to be a huge Wake-Up Call for the Americans! It will also prove that Keikhosrow Emami is God’s messenger sent to the United States of America, the most import community of our time, 6:92.

34:46. Say, “I ask you to do one thing: devote yourselves to God, in pairs or as individuals, then reflect. Your friend is not crazy. He is a manifest Warner to you, Just before the advent of a terrible retribution.”

34:46 will prove that Keikhosrow Emami (896,92) is the manifest Warner sent by GOD specifically to the United State of America just before the advent of a terrible retribution. It has always been the same, people do not believe in God’s messages delivered through His messengers. They thus bring disaster upon themselves. This retribution shall, God willing, open the eyes of the millions in America. Great multitudes shall embrace the truth, they shall submit to the Lord of the universe. They shall embrace God’s religion, “Submission,” the religion of Abraham. Glory is to GOD; the truth shall prevail and the falsehood shall vanish in spite of the evil doers, in spite of the idol worshipers, and in spite of any opposition.

89692 + 3446 = 93138
x 19 x 258
258 is the gematrical value of the name Abraham.
Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universe!